DUI & Drunk Driving

One poor decision — by anyone of any age — to get behind the wheel after drinking can result in a serious criminal charge and a marred criminal record for years to come. Many people are embarrassed by the incident or simply want it to go away. They agree to the charge and whatever the prosecutor tells them.

Always seek legal representation after being pulled over for drunk driving.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can protect your rights — as well as your criminal record and the cost of thousands of dollars in fees and expenses. A lawyer can often also protect you from losing your license, depending on the facts of the situation.

Drunk Driving Defense Throughout Fort Walton Beach

At Wesley, McGrail & Wesley PLLC, we take an aggressive stand for our clients, reviewing the details of the stop and exactly what evidence was used to charge you. Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating with prosecutors and judges to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. We understand what is on the line with your DUI charge and the profound impact it could have on your future. We dedicate the time and effort needed to protect you from the full brunt of sentencing in your case.

During the traffic stop, it is not uncommon for law enforcement to make crucial mistakes that violate your constitutional rights. We prevent those mistakes from affecting the manner in which you were charged. If you were pulled over without legal reason or the sobriety test was administered incorrectly, we will move to have that evidence — or your case — thrown out.

A conviction could result in time in jail, loss of your driver's license and thousands of dollars in fees. If you've received other DUIs in the past, the impact to your life could be much worse.

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