Violent Crimes

Violent crimes — from assault to murder — almost always result in significant prison sentences. In some cases, several decades. If you are facing a violent crime charge, you could lose a huge percentage of your life behind bars if your case is not handled with experience and skill.

At Wesley, McGrail & Wesley PLLC, our attorneys fight zealously for each client we represent. We put in the time, effort and attention to detail needed to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Our firm negotiates with prosecutors, law enforcement and judges to make sure that your voice is heard during the entire process.

Aggressive Defense Strategies Against Assault Charges And Violent Crimes

We represent individuals who have been accused of all types of assault charges and violent crimes, including:

  • Assault
  • Domestic assault
  • Battery
  • Weapons charges
  • Rape and date rape

Often these offenses are charged as harshly as a prosecutor feels that he or she can, given the circumstances of the alleged incident. In other words, the prosecutor might look at the account of what happen and decide to charge you with several stacked charges or felony charges.

We take a close look at what really happened and conduct an investigation of our own. We put together evidence and facts. Based on your account and the evidence we uncover, our team is able to negotiate with prosecutors to talk them down to lesser charges — that almost always carry far less prison time and penalties.

Our lawyers know the deep impact a conviction could have on your life — especially if prosecutors get their way and can bring more serious charges. We fight to protect your life, your rights and your future.

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