Notable Jury Trial Verdicts

Felony Aggravated Assault with a Firearm x 3-Actual Possession: NOT GUILTY
Minimum-mandatory state prison sentence if convicted. Four witnesses testified that client, while wearing all black, a bullet-proof vest, and machete, threatened alleged victims with a handgun. Handgun, located inside client's home, admitted into evidence.

Felony Sexual Battery x 2: NOT GUILTY
Client, facing maximum of 60 years in prison, denied any sexual activity with alleged victim through voluntary interview with police. Evidence of client's sperm DNA admitted as evidence. No defense witnesses.

Felony Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer: NOT GUILTY
Three officers testified against client. No defense witnesses. Testimony and photographs of officer's injury admitted as evidence.

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance: NOT GUILTY
Officer testified that after smelling marijuana coming from inside vehicle, and searching client, he found cocaine inside a cigarette box in client's front pocket. Dash camera video of traffic stop, cocaine, and cigarette box admitted into evidence.

Misdemeanor DUI, BAC >.15: NOT GUILTY
Officer testified that he arrested client arrested after she made a U-turn, failed field sobriety tests, and provided a breath sample that read more than twice Florida's limit (.08). State Attorney used adjunct law professor from Florida State University to prosecute case.

Misdemeanor DUI: NOT GUILTY
Video evidence of client turning down random neighborhood streets, refusing to give voluntary breath sample, and stating, "I'm intoxicated," admitted into evidence.

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Battery: NOT GUILTY
Military spouse accused of battery. Photographs and testimony of injuries admitted as evidence.

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Battery and Criminal Mischief: NOT GUILTY
Family member accused client of attacking her and damaging her vehicle. Photographs of alleged victim and vehicle admitted into evidence. No defense witnesses.

Misdemeanor Driving While License Suspended and Resisting Arrest Without Violence: NOT GUILTY
Officer testified that client was driving a vehicle and ran after a traffic stop. No defense witnesses.

Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest Without Violence, Driving While License Suspended/No Valid Driver's License: NOT GUILTY
Multiple officers testified that after attempting to stop a vehicle suspected in an "open investigation," client ran from the scene.