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Man injures woman in serious Florida car accident

A 38-year-old man apparently caused a serious wreck involving at least six other vehicles on Interstate 98, according to local news reports. The man was arrested by Florida police on the night of Aug. 1 after causing a major car accident that seriously injured a 21-year-old woman. He is currently being treated at a hospital, but charges may be pending.

Why you shouldn't engage in distracted driving

Readers may or may not have heard that April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Although the month of April is over, it is worth repeating that the purpose of the campaign is obviously to further public education on the dangers of taking one's attention off the task of driving. Here's one good reason to avoid distracted driving: almost 39,000 accidents were caused in the state of Florida in 2013 because of distracted driving. Those crashes resulted in over 33,000 injuries and 201 deaths.

Parents mourn in anger over potential GM liability for accidents

Florida readers have probably heard by now of the legal trouble surrounding General Motors over its recall of 1.6 million vehicles due to ignition switch problems. So far, the company has connected the problem with 12 deaths. In addition to those deaths, there have been hundreds of others reported in connection with those same models in accidents where the airbag failed to deploy.

Study shows cat bites may be just as dangerous as dog bites

Most people across Florida know that a property owner is responsible for maintaining safe premises. Failing to do so can leave them open to liability, especially if injuries are suffered on their property. And while most people often think of slips and falls when they think of premises liability, it’s worth noting that the actions of a person’s pet can also lead to liability as well.

Police look for tow truck driver who caused hit and run in Miami

Perhaps some of the worst accidents to have to go through are hit-and-run accidents. That’s because, as many residents here in Florida know, the driver responsible for causing the accident is sometimes never found, which can leave accident victims feeling frustrated and without a feeling of justice. That’s something that Miami police most likely hope to prevent as they reach out to the public for help solving a recent hit and run accident.

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