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How traumatic brain injuries can change your life after a crash

Many people who get hurt in serious motor vehicle collisions sustain serious injuries. Some, however, are more obvious than others. Broken limbs and spinal cord injuries are often obvious right at the scene of the collision. Other, similarly serious injuries may not seem like a big issue at first.

Distractions create hazards on Florida's roads: Pay attention

The winter is approaching most of the United States with cold weather, ice and snow. In Florida, you're fortunate enough to usually benefit from tepid temperatures and comfortable weather conditions. As a result of the humid, subtropical weather, many people travel from around the country to get a break from the bleak winter storms where they're from.

Distracted driving: 3 forms to know before you drive

By now, most people know that driving while distracted is a danger to themselves and others. Despite that, people still send texts, read emails and perform other digital activities while they're driving. Statistics show that when you travel at 55 mph and send or text someone, you'll take your eyes off the road for around five seconds. In those five seconds, you'll travel far enough to cover the length of a football field.

You can fight against drug possession charges

Imagine having a night out with friends. You drew the short straw to be designated driver, so everyone piled into your car and you set off for an evening of dinner, drinks and dancing. Halfway through the night, as you were shuttling everyone to the next bar, a police officer pulled you over. You knew you were safe from a driving while intoxicated charge since you had not had a drop of alcohol, so it came as an unexpected shock when the officer put you in handcuffs and tossed you in the backseat of a squad car. The police had found a bag of marijuana in your car.

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