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Trucking and distractions: A lethal combination

Semitruck drivers have to pay keen attention to the roadway. These large trucks are very heavy and are akin to projectile weapons when they are moving along. Distracted truckers can cause crashes that kill or injure innocent people on the roads. Consider these important points if you are sharing the road with semitruck drivers who might be driving distracted.

FHP targets aggressive drivers amid surge in trucking fatalities

Florida law enforcement has kicked off its Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks, or TACT, campaign, which runs through Oct. 20. The goal is to put a stop to dangerous, aggressive behavior on the roadways, including:

Controversial aspects of the current hours-of-service rules

In recent blog posts, we’ve brought up the important issue of federal hours of service requirements, which apply to commercial truck companies and their drivers. This includes most vehicles used in the business of interstate commerce.  Here we’d like to provide readers a brief summary of the current hours of service rules, specifically the provisions which are new and which have generated some controversy.

Federal regulators explore possibility of truck safety technology

Car safety technology has brought about a great improvement in terms of the reduction of highway accidents, and manufacturers are continually looking to improve their offerings in this area. When it comes to trucking safety, technology has not come quite as far. That may be changing, though, as more and more fleets add safety technology to their fleets and federal regulators explore the issue.

Comedian injured in accident involving fatigued trucker

Truck accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, including inclement weather, poor roadway design, and the fault of other drivers. They can also occur because of a trucker’s failure to follow safety rules applying to truck drivers and other commercial carriers. One of these rules, or rather sets of rules, concerns hours of service.

Study shows electronic devices reduce truck accidents

Trucking companies and truck drivers are bound by a variety of safety rules and regulations aimed at preventing truck accidents. Among these rules and regulations are those covering hours-of-service. Hours of service regulations cover a variety of points, but generally identify how long truckers can remain behind the wheel, how many hours can be logged in a work week, and the frequency and length of rest breaks.

Report looks at deadly truck accident rates

Fatal truck accidents, according to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are most likely to occur in the state of North Dakota. That conclusion was reached by looking at 2012 crash data from each state and measuring it against the total vehicle population.

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