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Do Not Let A Vacation Accident Ruin The Rest Of Life

We all work hard to earn a much-needed vacation now and then, which can make it all the more frustrating if you suffer an accident while on holiday. When the reckless or negligent behavior of another person ruins your rest and relaxation, you have options. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you may be able to get life back on track sooner than you think.

Here at Wesley, McGrail & Wesley PLLC, we are one of the leading personal injury law firms throughout the Florida Panhandle. While we established our firm over 45 years ago, our team has more than 80 years of combined experience representing personal injury victims. We know what it takes to maximize compensation and obtain the best possible outcome after a personal injury.

We Have The Experience You Seek

Whether another driver collided with your rental car, the boat you were renting crashed due to improper maintenance, or an amusement park ride malfunctioned and injured you or your family, we can help you.

While it is typically ideal to settle cases out of court, we have extensive experience in taking cases to court every year. Our decades of experience in both negotiation and litigation allow us to search all possible avenues to recover the financial compensation you need.

We aren’t one of those law firms that hand off your case to associates or assistants; we want to see you earn the compensation you deserve after your injury, and we want to be there when it happens.

Let Us Handle The Hard Part

Negotiating with at-fault parties and their insurance companies can seem like a nightmare. Thankfully, you won’t have to do that. Let us take care of helping you earn fair compensation, so you can get back to recovering with your family.

You can schedule your initial consultation by calling us toll-free at 850-244-0999 or emailing us here. We look forward to representing you when you need us most.