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How you can protect yourself from a drunk driver

Drunk driving isn't just a legal issue. It isn't about arrest totals, fines or jail time.

It's a life issue. Some reports show that a life is lost to a drunk driver every 48 minutes, on average. If you stay home and watch one episode of your favorite show on Netflix, someone likely died while you were watching. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also claim that about 33 percent of total car accidents stem from impaired drivers.

Distractions create hazards on Florida's roads: Pay attention

The winter is approaching most of the United States with cold weather, ice and snow. In Florida, you're fortunate enough to usually benefit from tepid temperatures and comfortable weather conditions. As a result of the humid, subtropical weather, many people travel from around the country to get a break from the bleak winter storms where they're from.

For Floridians, this influx in tourism is great for the economy, but it's not so good for the roads. People who are unfamiliar with the state's traffic laws and neighborhoods quickly make errors that lead to a growing number of collisions. Fortunately, there are a few things people can do to prevent these crashes.

Boredom can lead directly to car accidents

You know that distracted drivers are a risk. They're paying attention to too many things at once, rather than just watching the road. They're the opposite of bored; they're overly engaged.

This is absolutely a problem in Florida. Drivers who get distracted by cellphones, for instance, cause accidents continuously. However, there is a risk on the other side of the coin. People who are merely driving often grow bored, and studies have shown that this can lead to crashes.

Distracted driving: 3 forms to know before you drive

By now, most people know that driving while distracted is a danger to themselves and others. Despite that, people still send texts, read emails and perform other digital activities while they're driving. Statistics show that when you travel at 55 mph and send or text someone, you'll take your eyes off the road for around five seconds. In those five seconds, you'll travel far enough to cover the length of a football field.

Taking your eyes off the road for any length of time is a danger to yourself, your passengers and others on or around the roads. Five seconds is long enough for a driver to pull out in front of you, to slam on his or her brakes, or to make a mistake that you don't have time to avoid.

Critical symptoms of a brain injury parents must know

You're involved in a car accident after picking your kids up from school. Another driver runs a red light. You're watching the road and you hit the brakes, but there's nothing you can do.

The aftermath of the accident is chaotic. You're injured, and you have to watch as emergency response crews help pull your kids from the car. It's a terrible moment, but it gets better. Everyone gets rushed to the hospital, and physical injuries appear limited. It looks like everyone is going to be all right.

Texting behind the wheel: A violation of the law

Texting is a hazard behind the wheel, but despite that, many people do it, anyway. Why? They feel they need to respond to the messages, emails and calls they receive immediately.

The world is fast-paced, and that does make people more impatient. It prepares people to take risks just to make sure they get things done quickly. Unfortunately, that kind of attitude has the potential to lead to a serious crash.

The Fourth of July: A dangerous holiday for Floridians

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the country's freedom, but it's also a time that can be extremely dangerous for people near Fort Walton Beach. The Fourth of July has several serious hazards that can result in car crashes, injuries and deaths.

For example, drinking is common on the Fourth of July, just as fireworks and spending the day in the sun are. Each of these actions has their own risks, though.

You can fight against drug possession charges

Imagine having a night out with friends. You drew the short straw to be designated driver, so everyone piled into your car and you set off for an evening of dinner, drinks and dancing. Halfway through the night, as you were shuttling everyone to the next bar, a police officer pulled you over. You knew you were safe from a driving while intoxicated charge since you had not had a drop of alcohol, so it came as an unexpected shock when the officer put you in handcuffs and tossed you in the backseat of a squad car. The police had found a bag of marijuana in your car.

Drug possession charges can come with very serious, life-long consequences. Fortunately, there are defenses available that may help you to successfully fight a drug possession charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney in the Fort Walton Beach area can help you build a defense so that you challenge the charges in court. Read further for more information about possible drug possession defenses.

5 things that tempt people to drive drunk

As soon as the lights flash in your rear-view mirror, you know you've made a mistake. You had a little bit to drink. You didn't think it was enough to stop you from driving home. You don't even know if you are actually over the legal limit, but you're about to find out.

Driving under the influence can often be tempting. It's not that you want to put yourself or anyone else in danger, but it's convenient and easy to convince yourself it's all right. Below are five reasons that people do it:

Know your rights when you get pulled over!

It’s spring time, which means that more police officers are out there patrolling the roads. With more police on the roads on the lookout for drunk drivers and those exhibiting erratic behavior, you’re more likely to experience a traffic stop.

While many traffic stops end without incident, some result in a ticket or even an arrest and criminal charges. When you are in the middle of the traffic stop, it is not always easy to keep cool and maintain composure. With a little preparation, you can ensure that you know just what to do next time you get pulled over.

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