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Police look for tow truck driver who caused hit and run in Miami

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Perhaps some of the worst accidents to have to go through are hit-and-run accidents. That’s because, as many residents here in Florida know, the driver responsible for causing the accident is sometimes never found, which can leave accident victims feeling frustrated and without a feeling of justice. That’s something that Miami police most likely hope to prevent as they reach out to the public for help solving a recent hit and run accident.

According to investigators with the Miami Police, the serious car accident occurred when a tow truck slammed into another motorist. Instead of stopping and rendering assistance to the driver, police say the truck driver continued driving and fled the scene. The impact caused the second vehicle to leave the roadway, finally coming to a rest after crashing into a South Florida home. Although the occupant of the home was not seriously injured in the accident, the driver of the second vehicle was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for medical treatment. They are listed in stable condition, though the extent of their injuries has yet to be released at this time.

But this might come as little comfort to the accident victim and their family who might want compensation for their injuries. As we mentioned before, hit-and-run accidents such as this one can leave victims feeling frustrated, especially if the driver is never found. Hopefully though, with police urging the public to come forward with information, the driver of the tow truck will be found and police will hold them responsible for their negligent actions.

Although it’s unknown if the accident victim will take legal action in this case, it’s worth noting that they could be entitled to compensation for their injuries. For many people, this compensation is used to cover the often expensive medical treatments needed after a serious accidents and can even subsidize lost wages as well. Many of our blog readers might hope for a similar outcome for the victim in this case as well as for similar cases in the future.

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