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Parents mourn in anger over potential GM liability for accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Florida readers have probably heard by now of the legal trouble surrounding General Motors over its recall of 1.6 million vehicles due to ignition switch problems. So far, the company has connected the problem with 12 deaths. In addition to those deaths, there have been hundreds of others reported in connection with those same models in accidents where the airbag failed to deploy.

One observation that has been made about many of these accidents is that they involved predominantly young people. That makes sense given that the models involved were marketed more for young drivers. Obviously, many parents out there are frustrated at GM for deaths that very well may have been preventable if the company had chosen to take the time to get its product right.

The company has dealt with wrongful death litigation in connection with the defect. Last September, the company settled a suit in Georgia and other litigation is pending. No doubt, the repercussions of GM’s failures will be felt for some time.

When an individual is harmed in a car accident, it is critical for the victim or his surviving family to understand who to hold accountable. Whether the accountable party is a car manufacturer, another driver, or a state or local government responsible for maintain a safe roadway, the victim has the right to seek compensation.

Personal injury and wrongful death litigation is not always easy, and it is important for victims to work with an experienced attorney on their case. Doing so will ensure the best possible outcome.

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