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Florida State Trooper injured in car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A state trooper was injured and another woman is in critical care following a serious accident on Interstate 95 on the morning of Sept. 24, according to local sources.  Florida authorities are still determining the cause of the car accident, but have confirmed that charges are pending.  A total of four vehicles were involved in the incident. 

According to the arrest record, two State Troopers had stopped to assist at the scene of an earlier accident when the second crash occurred.  Traffic was heavy as vehicles attempted to merge around the existing crash, but a 31-year-old driver apparently did not notice the slowdown.  She crashed into the back of a vehicle, which was pushed into the back of the squad car.  The squad car summarily crashed into a second patrol car. 

The female driver was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition, while the 62-year-old trooper was hospitalized with severe back pain and numbness in the extremities.  The other driver and the other trooper were uninjured in the crash.  It is unclear what charges may be filed against the woman, but this will likely become public knowledge once the investigation is complete. 

Regardless of the criminal charges that may be filed against the driver deemed responsible for the car accident, the injured Florida state trooper will be entitled to file a civil suit against her.  A personal injury suit will require evidence of wrongdoing on her part, which may be based on evidence from the criminal proceedings.  Otherwise, the two cases will be handled separately from one another. 

Source:, “Trooper hurt, woman critical in I-95 crash“, Chris Parenteau, Sept. 24, 2014