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Staying focused while driving during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Car Accidents |

In June of 2015, Florida unveiled a safety campaign to address the problem of distracted driving. In an effort to encourage drivers to pull over in order to use their phones, the state has introduced “Safe Phone Zones” which include designated rest areas and welcome centers.

While Florida has provided more safe zones than any other state, there were still almost 46,000 distracted driving accidents last year. This was up from a reported 39,036 accidents in 2013.

Staying alert

As the holidays approach, we tend to be more distracted behind the wheel as we are searching for the perfect parking place or scanning the strip mall for that specialty store. It is important during this time of year to remain focused. Paying careful attention to your driving environment will help to reduce your chances of either causing an accident or becoming the victim of one.

Avoid drowsiness

Due to the holiday activities, we tend to become more stressed and our sleep schedules change. Just like driving under the influence, drowsiness can impair your judgement while behind the wheel and your reaction time can be significantly slower. You may even nod off or become easily distracted.

You can fight holiday fatigue by getting enough sleep and only driving during the hours that you are normally awake.

Be aware of other drivers that may be impaired or distracted

With the holiday season comes holiday parties. This leads to an increase of the number of impaired drivers. Since even small amounts of alcohol can affect your driving, be cautious of your own intake during the season.

When driving at night, pay extra attention to other drivers who may be intoxicated and be sure to report any other driver you think might be driving under the influence.

If you have been involved in a car crash due to another individual’s distracted driving, it is important to know your options. For advice on pursuing a claim against a distracted driver, contact an attorney experienced with personal injuries.