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The top 5 distractions that can kill you while you drive

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Everyone knows that distracted driving is a big no-no, but how many people actually think that they will wind up dead because they took a bite out of a burger or switched the radio station while driving? Most people don’t consider those actions to be life-threatening. But the truth is, that momentary distraction can indeed be deadly.

Below are the top five deadliest distractions behind the wheel, according to one survey.

1. Eating and drinking while driving. With drive-thru fast food outlets being such a ubiquitous presence throughout the United States, it seems legitimate that drivers can safely eat and drink behind the wheel. However, in a recent survey, over half of the responding drivers confessed that their driving skills were compromised on at least one occasion while they ate and drank while driving.

2. Playing music. For many of us, driving without a song playing in the background is excruciating. Yet, a whopping 61 percent of drivers admitted to dangerous distractions due to iPods, CD players and even the car radio.

3. Cellphone usage. Answering and initiating calls comes in at number three on the deadly distracted driving list. If drivers are engrossed in their conversations, they may miss important visual or audio cues while tooling down the highway.

4. Rubbernecking. It’s a natural response to try to see what’s going on when you are passing the scene of an accident or traffic delay. However, those few seconds of inattention to the road ahead of you could make you and your passengers next on the list of roadside casualties. It’s just not worth it. Keep your eyes on the road and forego rubbernecking.

5. Texting while driving. Despite the plethora of safety campaigns solely focused on the driving scourge, 16 percent of drivers admit that they have done this while attempting to drive. Don’t become a statistic due to a meaningless text. If it’s important, pull over to a safe area and read or respond to a text. Better yet, turn this feature off before you start up the engine.

Make safe driving your priority

If more drivers make safety their priority, there will be fewer accidents and injuries to motorists and their passengers. If you wind up injured by a distracted driver, you may need to consult with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney to handle your claim.