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The Fourth of July: A dangerous holiday for Floridians

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2017 | Blog |

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the country’s freedom, but it’s also a time that can be extremely dangerous for people near Fort Walton Beach. The Fourth of July has several serious hazards that can result in car crashes, injuries and deaths.

For example, drinking is common on the Fourth of July, just as fireworks and spending the day in the sun are. Each of these actions has their own risks, though.

Drinking and driving

Thanks to the celebrations around the state, Florida’s authorities have many drunk drivers to look for on the Fourth of July. One shocking statistic to put drunk driving on the day into perspective was discussed by Esurance. Its data showed that 40 percent of highway deaths between 2007 and 2011 were a direct result of drunk driving over the Fourth of July weekend. Around 200 people die each year during the three-to-four-day holiday each year.

Firework Distractions

Fireworks have the potential to cause distractions to drivers, especially when they’re able to be seen from the highway. Even if the fireworks themselves aren’t noticeable, the smoke or debris from the exploded fireworks can hinder drivers’ ability to see and drive safely, potentially causing accidents.

Summer days and a summer daze

Finally, the Fourth of July is typically a day where many people visit family and friends. They spend time on the beach or enjoying picnics in parks. The problem with this is that the hot sun is dehydrating. Those who get dehydrated and attempt to drive may not be able to drive well and could pass out or struggle to focus. These individuals need medical help and could cause a serious collision if not prevented from driving.

The Fourth of July weekend should be fun, and with safety precautions, it can be. Stay safe this year and enjoy the festivities.