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Avoiding truck accidents while on the road

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Our roadways are increasingly congested these days, and it seems like more and more lanes are full of large commercial trucks hauling heavy cargo. Regular consumer cars don’t usually fare very well in truck accidents, and the results can be devastating. It is always wise to remain aware of ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe when driving.

Commercial trucks have many more blind spots than consumer vehicles, and may need much more room to come to a complete stop. Every day, drivers put themselves in serious danger by failing to understand these dangers and avoid them.

Dangerous behavior behind the wheel

While you cannot control other drivers’ skill and judgment, you can usually control your own. Often, this is the best way to protect yourself. To avoid causing accidents with large trucks, it is important to understand that large trucks have limited visibility and operate differently than most passenger vehicles.

The truck driver cannot see other vehicles that are directly behind them and directly beside them, so it is not wise to place your vehicle in any of these blind spots.

Commercial trucks are many times heavier than passenger vehicles, so they need much more space to stop. If a car is in front of a commercial truck and slams on their brakes, the commercial driver may not have enough time to stop, no matter how soon they see the brake lights and respond.

Tractor trailer trucks swivel in the middle, and they may take up multiple lanes when they turn, especially when turning right. Always make sure to give a large truck enough room to maneuver, for everyone’s safety.

It is also never wise to drive between commercial trucks on a highway, or to attempt to drive underneath a trailer. Safe drivers should avoid these entirely.

Commercial driver concerns

Commercial drivers often drive for very long hours, which can affect their response time when something goes wrong. Similarly, they may haul cargo that is not properly secured, and it may shift while they are driving, or any number of other things beyond your control. While it is always good to remember the dangers of driving around a truck while you are behind the wheel, it is also important to remain aware of large trucks around you.

If you do experience an accident involving a large truck, be sure to build a strong legal strategy as quickly as possible. You may have a lengthy legal battle ahead of you, and you deserve to keep your rights preserved while you fight for fair compensation for your losses.