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Inattentive drivers cause more accidents

On Behalf of | May 21, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Don’t text and drive. Just don’t. Nothing that you need to text to a friend or coworker or family member is worth causing a car accident. You never think it’s going to happen to you. When it does, it’s guaranteed that you’ll regret causing the wreck to send a meaningless text message to someone who probably didn’t read it right away, anyway.

Maybe you don’t text and drive. You get it. You’ve seen far too many accidents caused by distracted drivers.

That’s a great place to start, but you still face risks. Other people share the roads with you every day. All it takes is one texting driver on your commute for you to wind up in the hospital. In the hope of preventing that outcome, let’s look at some of the realities of texting and driving.

Drivers cause most accidents

First of all, most accidents happen because of driver error. Some put it at 90%. People often want to blame the weather, the design of the road, a malfunction in the car or some other factor, but the reality is that it’s usually as simple as one driver making a mistake and causing a crash. That’s the main argument for the safety of automated cars, after all. If drivers cause 90% of accidents, taking them out of the equation can save a lot of lives.

Recognition errors

When looking at those accidents caused by drivers, the most frequent error that they make is called a “recognition error.” This means that the driver performed “inadequate surveillance” and made a mistake they could have avoided.

For instance, when someone runs a stop sign that they never saw because they looked down at their phone, that’s a recognition error. The same is true when they slam into the back of a car in a traffic jam or drift into the opposite lane.

Inattention and distraction

Taking things a step further, the main reasons for these recognition errors are simply distraction and inattention. If people would have paid more attention to the road and the task at hand, they would have recognized the hazards and altered their path to avoid an accident. But they didn’t.

When you think of people who cause crashes, you may think of aggressive drivers and drunk drivers. They both do pose a risk, but most crashes come from people who just stop paying attention when they need to stay focused on the road.

Seeking compensation

If one of these drivers puts you in the hospital with serious injuries, you need to know if you have a legal right in Florida to compensation for lost wages, lost earning capacity, medical bills and much more.