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Recovery from a traumatic amputation is a team effort

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Injuries |

During the few seconds it takes for a car accident to occur, you will hear the crunch of metal, smell the fluids that make a vehicle run, and probably feel confused and completely out of control. By the time your vehicle comes to a stop, you finally get the chance to process what just happened.

Once the initial shock wears off, you may begin to feel the pain. You may not realize it at this point, but you soon learn that you suffered a traumatic amputation of one of your limbs. Now that the immediate threat to your life from this and other injuries is under control, you will need a team to help you get through the remainder of your recovery, which will last well beyond your discharge from the hospital.

Who will make up your recovery team?

No matter what you do, your life will never go back to what it was prior to the accident. However, you can achieve a new normal, and live a full and fruitful life. The problem is that it may not happen as fast as, or in the way, you would like. Adjusting to a new life takes time, and having a good support team around you is crucial to your future. Your recovery team will most likely include at least the following:

  • You will need help adjusting to new ways of handling daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, doing household chores and more. An occupational therapist can help you with these activities, which will give you a sense of independence and safety that will help you move forward.
  • A physical therapist will help you handle working with your prosthesis, exercises to increase your strength, and managing swelling and potential issues with the skin at your amputation site.
  • Depending on your condition, you may also need help modifying and working with your environment. For instance, you may need ramps, clothing and appliances to assist you.

Hopefully, you also have a good support system of family and friends at home. After what you went through and face, you may also need to speak with someone who can help you through the emotional and psychological factors associated with the accident and your injury.

You may need legal support

Another part of your support system may involve a Florida attorney experienced in personal injury claims. If the negligence or recklessness of another person led to your injuries, you may exercise your right to pursue compensation to help with the financial and other damages sustained as a result.