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How can a parent cope after a fatal drunk driving accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Car Accidents |

As a parent, you always expected to pass on before your children. To you, that may seem like the natural order of life. Unfortunately, the actions of a drunk driver cut your child’s life short, and now, the sudden loss has left you questioning many areas of your life and, possibly, your beliefs.

The pain of losing a loved one in an unexpected accident, especially your own child, can feel overwhelming. During this time, you may not know what to do, how to act, what to say or generally how to carry on. Though it may seem as if your grief will last forever, trying to work through your feelings and find ways to cope could make a considerable difference.

Trying to help yourself

You may have various feelings coursing through you at any given time, relating to this event. You may feel considerable sadness over the loss of your child, anger at the drunk driver who caused the accident, or even numbness or emptiness. It is important that you allow yourself to feel any emotions that come to you. Trying to suppress them or thinking that you should not feel a certain way is not a healthy way to cope.

You may feel the need to isolate yourself after such a major loss, but making connections with loved ones and seeking support could help you get through this difficult time. It can certainly be difficult to talk about what happened and how you are feeling, but it may bring some relief to know that others are there for you. These connections could also help you remember that you are allowed to feel good and continue living, though it may seem impossible for a time.

Address unfinished affairs

Though you may never find closure over the sudden death of your child, you may have certain affairs that you want to address in hopes of helping yourself move on. One issue you may want to face is seeking justice for your child in the Florida civil courts by taking legal action against the drunk driver who caused the fatal accident. A wrongful death claim could allow you to seek compensation from this person for your loss and other damages stemming from the accident.

Though this step will not bring your child back, it may help you feel a sense of justice. It could also bring closure to some of the negative feelings you likely feel toward this person and allow you to let go and move forward.