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These 5 tips may improve your safety at intersections

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Car Accidents |

You might recall a time in your life when it was common to go for Sunday drives. Perhaps your parents piled you and your siblings into the family car “just for fun” to take a leisurely ride along one of the many scenic routes Florida has to offer. Nowadays, heavy traffic, higher speed limits and other factors can take the fun out of driving.

Some sections of road are inherently more dangerous than others. Intersections, for instance, are often scenes of collision, which is why it’s important to be especially alert and cautious whenever you approach a crossroad. You might practice safe driving habits and still suffer injury because of another driver’s negligence at an intersection. However, keeping several things in mind may help you avoid hazards.

Pay attention to these issues at intersections

Every licensed driver in Florida and beyond is obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations behind the wheel. You, however, are not responsible for another person’s driving behavior. The following list includes five key issues that may help you avoid an intersection crash:

  • Pay close attention to stationary objects.
  • Do not assume it’s safe to go just because the light is green.
  • Navigate turns at a slow speed.
  • Make eye contact with other drivers.
  • Yield your right-of-way if another driver is insistent.

It’s possible that you could implement all of these safety tips and still suffer injury in a crossroads collision if another driver is reckless. However, consistently applying these five tips and other intersection safety habits may help you avoid disaster.

If another driver runs a red light or acts with negligence

You could be sitting at a red light and get struck from behind if a driver is looking down at a cell phone or texting instead of staying alert and approaching an intersection with caution. You might determine that it’s safe to proceed in making a turn when your light turns green, when suddenly a vehicle comes flying by and blows straight through a red light and hits you.

Another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior can cause a collision even if you do everything in your power to safely navigate an intersection. If that happens, the top priority is always to obtain medical attention. Here’s why:

  • Not all injuries are immediately apparent.
  • Emergency room doctors have access to test equipment.
  • Delayed treatment may result in a worsened condition.
  • Prompt treatment may prevent long-term damage.
  • An ER visit creates written documentation of a collision.

Going to the hospital enables ER professionals to assess your condition and perform a CT scan, MRI or other needed tests if you’re showing symptoms of traumatic brain injury. When ER doctors treat you in the aftermath of a collision, it prompts written documentation of the event. This is helpful to those who seek restitution when another driver’s negligence has caused them injury.