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Crash risks high on Florida roads in the summertime

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Florida is a popular summer destination for U.S. and international tourists. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the state’s roads could be busier than everywhere else in the country during vacation seasons. Sadly, these are likely the times when Florida hospitals are also busier than most others. Safety on the roads is the responsibility of all. 


Driving at excessive speed is one of the most significant threats on the roadways. It compromises the driver’s ability to spot dangerous conditions and react immediately. Authorities say the average number of lives lost in accidents linked to speed in Florida each year is 300. In addition, they warn that arriving safely at a destination is less likely for drivers who travel at excessive speeds. 


Aggressive driving is an equally dangerous driving habit that often sparks from speeding. Drivers who speed to get to their destinations quicker often react aggressively toward anyone who is in their way or causing a delay. Motorists should avoid any engagement with aggressive drivers and instead slow down or pull over to put distance between them. 

Sharing the road 

Safe sharing of the roads involves motorists, truckers, motorcyclists and pedestrians to consider each other. Because commercial vehicles are so much bigger than any other vehicle, considering the challenges big-rig drivers face is crucial. They need more space to come to a halt and more expansive areas when they turn. Motorists who cut into their lanes or fail to leave adequate space for large trucks to change lanes put their own and other road users’ lives on the line. Equally important is to avoid driving in the blind spots or no-zones of commercial vehicles. 

What are the legal options for crash victims? 

Unfortunately, many car accidents on Florida roads result from other drivers’ negligence. Any victims of such accidents could pursue financial relief if they have proof of another party’s negligence. A successfully navigated personal injury lawsuit in a civil court could yield a monetary judgment to cover documented financial and other damages.