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What are the real causes of truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Sharing the Florida highways with big rigs could be harrowing. Motorists typically suffer the worse in passenger vs. truck accidents. The Family Motor Coach Association Statistics reported the findings of a nationwide Large Truck Crash Causation Study earlier this year. It shows that drug or alcohol impairment does not make up a significant percentage of truck accidents. 

Truck accident facts that cause concern 

Analysis of the statistics revealed the following facts: 

  • Truck accident numbers show a 52% increase since 2009. 
  • Fatal auto accidents nationwide involve large trucks in 74% of cases. 
  • About three in 10 of all truck-related accidents are due to tire defects. 
  • Almost 20% of truck accidents happen between midday and 3 p.m. 
  • Fatalities resulting from truck accidents were passenger vehicle occupants in 68% of the cases. 

Mechanical defects cause most truck accidents 

Of all the mechanical defects large trucks could have, the most frequently reported accident causing defects include wheels, tires and brakes. However, in some cases, steering wheel and electronic system malfunction caused truck accidents. 

Weight and size of large truck 

When collisions between large trucks and passenger cars occur, the consequences are usually predictable. Commercial trucks could weigh more than 40 tons, compared to the average passenger vehicle’s weight of between two and three tons. One of the dangers that come with the weight and size of large trucks is that they cannot come to an instant stop. They need a longer distance than cars, and when the cargo load is unbalanced, the danger is exacerbated. 

The most frequently recorded truck accident causes are all preventable. Anybody in Florida who loses a loved one in a fatal car vs. truck accident might have grounds to pursue claims for financial relief. With sufficient proof of negligence on the part of a truck driver, there might be a viable wrongful death claim to file in a civil court.