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Victims of DUI accidents could suffer life-long consequences

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Florida is among the many states where impaired drivers put motorists at risk. The consequences could be devastating. An example is a 23-year-old man in another state who lives as a disabled person due to severe brain injuries he suffered in a car accident when he was an infant. After involvement in a drunk driving accident, others in similar circumstances might have questions about recovering financial and other damages.

Medical expenses

People with chronic injuries and disabilities will incur mountains of medical debt and have to deal with past and future costs. An injured victim of a drunken driver might be entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses if the impaired driver was at fault in the crash.

Loss of income

Physical and mental injuries that result from crashes can have long-term consequences. The victim may find that their ability to earn a living or work is greatly diminished. Generally, compensation is available in more significant amounts if the injuries interfere with an individual’s earning capacity or hamper their ability to hold down a job.

Dram Shop Laws

In Florida, establishments that sell and serve alcohol can be held liable for overserving drunk drivers who subsequently cause accidents. Bars, restaurants, clubs and other businesses have been known to reimburse victims’ damages who suffer injuries in accidents caused by their patrons who were driving under the influence.

Wrongful Death

Accidents involving drunk driving often result in death. If wrongful death is alleged in a DUI crash lawsuit, victims’ estates and families are likely to receive a higher sum of money. A DUI crash that causes a loved one’s death often results in a more significant award of damages, especially if that person was the household’s primary income earner. It is possible for victims of drunk driving accidents to pursue compensation in California civil court regardless of assumed fault and the severity of their injuries. Most civil courts will accept a DUI conviction arising from a crash as adequate proof – negligence per se – of the driver’s negligence.