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Multi-car wreck on SR-29 claims life of child

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Losing a child is one of the most tragic and hardest things a parent can experience. When the death was caused by a preventable accident, the level of sorrow, anger and grief only intensify. A recent crash in Florida claimed the life of a child and seriously injured at least two others.

Accident details

According to reports, the crash happened around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 12. Reportedly, one vehicle was heading southbound on State Road 29. At the same time, two other vehicles were heading north along the same road. For reasons unknown, the southbound car suddenly entered the northbound lanes. One of the northbound vehicles swerved to avoid hitting the vehicle and slid into the grass shoulder. The first car then struck that vehicle.

Shortly thereafter, the first vehicle then collided head-on with the second northbound vehicle. One child was pronounced dead at the scene, and an adult and child in the third car that was hit were taken to a local medical center for treatment of serious injuries. The report did not specify if the deceased child was also an occupant in the third vehicle.

Legal recourse for victims

Since authorities say the person who caused the wreck was driving in the wrong lane, that information will likely be relevant in any civil claims against the alleged at-fault party. Those who lost a child in this wreck can pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver in an attempt at recovering compensation for funeral costs and other documented monetary losses. Likewise, the other injured parties can pursue personal injury claims. Affected parties typically benefit by working with an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida to increase their chances of obtaining a successful outcome.