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Shopper seeks legal recourse after falling in a store

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Injuries |

Florida is one of the top destinations for travelers from all over the country, and rightfully so. People come to enjoy the natural beauty, pristine beaches and year-round warm climate. Florida also boasts an abundance of first-class shopping and dining opportunities. The owners and operators of these public establishments must adhere to premises liability laws for the protection and safety of customers. However, despite these laws, hundreds of people are injured every year due to hazards in public places.

Lawsuit filed after customer is injured

A man filed a lawsuit against a department store after he was allegedly injured in an accident while he was shopping in a store located in another state. The man said he was browsing in the store when he encountered a small box on the floor. According to the lawsuit, the box was partially extended from beneath some shelving and caused the man to trip and fall.

The lawsuit claimed a witness thought the plaintiff had suffered a heart attack due to the nature of his fall. The plaintiff alleged that the fall caused him to suffer severe and permanent injuries. He seeks to hold the store financially responsible, claiming that it neglected to remove the hazard. The plaintiff seeks compensatory damages plus court costs and other just relief.

Where can victims get help?

Many times in stores and shops, routine maintenance can be neglected or things may be left lying on floors and walkways, creating hazards capable of injuring customers. Anytime the negligence of a store or business owner results in an injury to a customer in Florida, those injured have a right to speak with a legal representative and file a lawsuit. A successfully litigated premises liability claim could provide victims with much-needed financial relief to replace lost wages and cover medical expenses.