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Avoiding accidents when driving in heavy traffic

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Car Accidents |

People from all over the country come to Florida to enjoy its pristine beaches, wonderful climate and seemingly endless entertainment opportunities. Unfortunately, traffic congestion is a by-product of this influx of tourists. Local residents know that traffic jams are just something they have to deal with. What follows may help drivers stay safe while driving in heavy traffic. 

Be aware of the distance between vehicles 

Always keep a safe following distance. Even if the car in front moves slower than the surrounding traffic, do not lose patience and make a sudden maneuver or tailgate. This is one of the leading causes of accidents in heavy traffic. 

Avoid weaving through traffic 

It is important to practice patience when driving in heavy traffic. Don’t weave in and out of traffic. Doing so or abruptly changing lanes often causes accidents because other drivers are usually not able to predict these sudden movements. 

Plan the route in advance 

Planning the route in advance can help drivers steer clear of heavy traffic. Try to avoid traveling during normal commuting hours. Also, it is often helpful to use navigation apps, as these apps usually show if there are construction zones or other traffic hazards present that may cause congestion. 

What to do in the aftermath of an accident 

There are very few things in life that can cause as much frustration as driving in heavy traffic. In Florida, traffic congestion leads to thousands of car accidents every year. Those who suffer injuries in car accidents caused by the negligence of another party can seek rightful damages by speaking with a personal injury attorney who can assist accident victims with filing a claim.