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Are you sharing Florida roadways with drunk drivers?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Springtime is well underway now, and summer is just around the corner, which means tourists are starting their annual treks to Florida for vacation. Visitors make everyday heavy traffic on Florida roadways look light. Vacationers often imbibe in alcoholic beverages, which is fine, provided they’re age 21 or older and their blood alcohol content levels do not exceed the legal limit. How do you know if a driver in one of the vehicles traveling along the same road as you has had too much to drink?

Alcohol affects each person in a unique manner, but drunk drivers often exhibit certain behaviors that are common under intoxication. It’s good to know how to spot concerning signs so that you might be able to distance yourself from a particular vehicle before a collision occurs. That’s not always possible, however, which is why it’s also wise to know where to seek support if a drunk driver hits you on a Florida roadway.

Drunk drivers often travel slower than the posted speed limit

If you’re moving along at highway speeds in keeping with the current traffic flow and notice a particular vehicle traveling much slower than all the other cars, it might be an intoxicated driver behind the wheel. Intoxication often causes depth perception difficulties, making it hard for a driver to judge the distance between cars or to determine how close stationary objects alongside the road are. This causes many drunk drivers to drive well below the speed limit.

Are the brake lights of a nearby vehicle blinking on and off at random intervals?

If you notice a car with brake lights coming on and going off in patterns that do not match traffic flow, it could be a sign of an intoxicated operator. In addition to randomly applying brakes, drunk drivers often squeeze their steering wheels tightly and sit scrunched up at the edge of their seat, as if they’re trying to get as close to the windshield as possible.

No headlights at night? Beware of a possible drunk driver

One of the most common mistakes intoxicated drivers make is forgetting to turn on their headlights after dark. This should raise your concerns if you happen to see a vehicle without lights on coming out of a parking lot of a restaurant or pub that serves alcohol.

Wrong-way drivers have often been drinking

If you’re traveling along a Florida road and see the headlights of an oncoming vehicle in the same lane, there’s a good chance the driver is drunk. In such circumstances, you might not have enough time to avert a collision. Wrong-way drivers often cause collisions that result in fatalities or serious injuries.

If a vehicle hits you, it’s critical to obtain medical support as soon as possible. Even if you think you are okay, if a Florida rescue worker asks if you want to go to the hospital, it’s best to say, “Yes.” Many recovering victims later decide to seek restitution for damages in a civil court because state law allows this type of litigation to hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions.