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Intersection crash kills 1 driver, injures another

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Most drivers encounter intersections just about every day. They often involve intersecting roadways, multiple traffic devices and other motor vehicles. Unfortunately, some drivers are not as careful as they should be when approaching an intersection. Every year, thousands of serious and fatal car accidents happen at Florida intersections.

Accident details

Recently in Yulee, one driver was killed and another suffered injuries in a tragic accident at an intersection. The crash occurred at the intersection of State Road 200 and Daydream Avenue. According to accident reports, an SUV was headed west on State Road 200 approaching the intersection when the driver of a sedan attempted to make a left turn onto Daydream Avenue.

Reports said the sedan pulled into the path of the westbound SUV, and the SUV crashed into the right side of the sedan. The driver of the SUV suffered serious injuries and had to be taken to a local medical center for treatment. Tragically, the driver of the sedan was killed in the crash.

Options for legal recourse

Most people must drive to get where they are going each day. Unfortunately, no one knows when a serious or fatal accident may occur. Fortunately, there is help available for those in Florida who are injured or lose loved ones in car accidents caused by negligence. By speaking with an experienced attorney, victims and/or families can learn about their options for seeking damages.