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Why are underride accidents so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Semi-truck accidents are always dangerous. There is a correlation between vehicle size differences and the likelihood of severe or fatal injuries. When the size difference is greater, those in the smaller vehicle are more likely to suffer these serious injuries.

This means that any accident involving a semi-truck likely puts the other driver in greater jeopardy. One of the clearest examples of this elevated level of danger is known as an underride accident.

How does it take place?

There is a significant amount of space between the wheels on a semi-truck’s trailer. A passenger vehicle will not fit through the space entirely – despite what you may see in the movies – but a small vehicle like a convertible or a sedan could become wedged under the trailer.

For instance, the driver in the smaller vehicle may be heading straight down the highway. The driver of the semi-truck may try to execute a left turn, cutting off the passenger vehicle without enough time for that driver to stop. The smaller vehicle then collides horizontally with the underside of the trailer and becomes wedged beneath.

This can be exceedingly dangerous because it means that the impact point on the semi-truck is level with the passenger compartment of the smaller car. This leads to more chest, neck and head injuries. Additionally, the smaller car can become wedged under the truck so it is more difficult for medical personnel to respond and extract victims. This delays treatment, making the accident more likely to be fatal. 

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