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Autumn dangers for drivers

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Each season has particular benefits and hazards for drivers, and fall is no exception. On the plus side, you get beautiful views as the leaves on the trees change color, and you get a little more light filtering through onto the road as they do.

On the negative side, those same leaves can become a major hazard.

When leaves accumulate on the road, they start to break down. If left there, they can turn into a slippery sludge. It’s one of the reasons many local councils are so fast to clean up the leaves from the sidewalk  – they do not want to face claims from pedestrians who slip.

Leaves on the road can be even more dangerous, as cars travel much faster than pedestrians, and a sliding vehicle can do much more damage. Take extra care on bends and anywhere you may need to brake, as you will already have less traction, and the leaves could send you into a skid.

Deer can also be a positive and a negative

If you love wildlife, you might delight in the chance to spot deer along the roadside as you drive. These beautiful animals can bring joy to your day and are much easier to see during fall because they travel to mate and search for food.

Yet, if the deer steps out into your path, a calamitous collision could occur. Running your headlights and slowing down in areas where deer are likely gives you more chance to slowly stop in time and for the animals to see you coming and get out of the way.

Some drivers do not allow for seasonal changes. They continue driving at their usual speed regardless of the hazards. If one of them injures you, it’s essential to learn how to hold them to account.