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The most important safety tip when driving near a semi-truck

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

A semi-truck looming in the rearview mirror is an anxiety-inducing sight. Most people have a natural fear of these big vehicles and worry about the possibility of a crash.

When semi-trucks and passenger vehicles collide, the people in the smaller vehicle might suffer permanent or deadly injuries while the truck driver walks away completely unscathed. Many crashes involving commercial trucks are the fault of the bigger vehicle or its driver. People can do very little to prevent crashes caused by others.

However, there are scenarios in which the people in the smaller vehicle could have avoided a crash. One safety tip, in particular, could significantly reduce someone’s chances of a collision with a semi-truck.

Stay out of a truck’s blind spots

Commercial trucks are so tall and heavy that they have much bigger blind spots than the average passenger vehicle. Even with extra mirrors added to the cab of the truck, the driver may not be able to see people directly to either side of their trailer or immediately behind the truck.

Not only are the drivers in those blind spots at risk of getting hurt if the truck driver merges or turns while unaware of them, but they could also end up involved in a crash caused when the semi-truck jackknives or rolls over. When a semi-truck driver loses control, their vehicle could strike multiple other vehicles or block all oncoming lanes of traffic.

Giving bigger trucks adequate space can give those in smaller vehicles time to respond to unexpected occurrences in traffic and might even save their lives.