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When is a business potentially liable for Florida drunk driving crashes?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Liability for drunk driving crashes in Florida is sometimes straightforward. There is little question about who is at fault when someone intentionally gets behind the wheel after having too much to drink. As a result, those injured in a drunk driving crash or morning the death of a loved one could take legal action against a drunk driver or file a claim against their liability insurance coverage.

Occasionally, those affected by drunk driving crashes cannot secure adequate compensation from an impaired motorist. Perhaps they lack insurance and do not have personal resources, or maybe the crash simply generated massive losses that dwarf what insurance can cover. When might it be possible to hold a Florida business responsible for a drunk driving crash?

After certain liquor law violations

The law in Florida passes liability for drunk driving collisions to a business licensed to dispense alcohol in two different scenarios. The first is when the business serves a minor who is not legally old enough to consume alcohol. The second is when the workers at a bar, restaurant or similar business knowingly serve alcohol to someone who has an alcohol addiction. If someone served illegally goes on to cause a crash, then the business may be liable for any damages that occur.

When the drunk driver was on the job

Employers may have vicarious liability in scenarios where their workers cause drunk driving collisions while on the clock. The people affected by the wreck could take legal action against the employer in addition to or instead of against the individual who caused the collision.

A lawsuit against a business could lead to more comprehensive reimbursement for an impaired driving crash. Holding parties with sufficient assets responsible for drunk driving crashes can benefit those affected by a wreck.