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Why do drivers tailgate?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Maintaining a safe following distance is one of the best practices to prevent accidents. With a safe following distance, a driver has time to recognize a hazard and respond safely. So, why do some drivers tailgate?

Here are six possible reasons:

1.  Aggressive driving

Some drivers have a habit of engaging in aggressive behaviors, including tailgating – they don’t consider other road users. And even when you give way to them, they may engage in other risky activities.

2. Drunk driving

People who drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are likely to tailgate. Since their judgment is impaired, they may have a difficult time determining a safe following distance.

3. Distracted driving

A driver distracted by music, the navigation system, children and food, among others, may also engage in tailgating because they are not concentrating on the road.

4. Rush

When a driver is in a rush and stuck in traffic, they can tailgate to encourage you to speed.

5. Inexperience

A new driver may tailgate due to misjudging the safe following distance. It can take time for a driver to learn how to control their speed and, in turn, maintain a safe following distance.

6. Poor visibility

Tailgating can be common in poor visibility conditions, for example, when there is a heavy fog. A driver may drive close to you to stay on the road. But doing this gives a false sense of safety, as they can crash into you if you come to a sudden stop. It’s actually safer to increase the following distance when visibility is poor.

If a tailgater hits you, it’s crucial to learn more about your options and rights to receive just compensation.