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5 ways to avoid collision at a Florida intersection

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Car Accidents |

It’s that time of year again. An influx of tourists is filling the shorelines throughout Florida, which means there’s an increase in heavy traffic, as well. Numerous times per day, you’ll likely encounter one or more vehicles simultaneously approaching an intersection with you. There are several safety tips to keep in mind to avoid a collision.

There are various types of intersections in Florida. Traffic signals control some while others have stop signs. There are also uncontrolled crossings with no signage or electronic safety devices at all. Whether you’re a pedestrian or motorist, staying alert and acting with caution are keys to safely navigating an intersection.

A collision is less likely if you practice these safety habits at intersections

You cannot control someone else’s behavior. If you’re stepping onto the crossway to walk across an intersection or are approaching while driving, try to be prepared for the unexpected because you can never predict how another person will act. These intersection safety tips may help you avoid a collision:

  • Always slow down when approaching an intersection or navigating a turn.
  • Never assume a driver will exhibit logical behavior, such as turning left because the left turn signal is blinking.
  • Do not proceed unless you have full visibility in all directions.
  • Pause when the light turns green instead of stepping on the gas.
  • If you have the right-of-way but another driver is moving, let him or her go.

The chances of a collision at an intersection increase exponentially when motorists approach a stop sign or traffic light without slowing down. If the need for a quick stop arises, even stepping all the way down on the brake may not be enough to stop the vehicle in time. Pausing at a green light provides protection in case someone runs a red light on the crossroad.

Intersection collisions have a high rate of fatality

Throughout Florida and across the country, many motor vehicle fatalities occur at intersections. If you have survived a collision at a crossroad, you may have suffered severe injuries. If the cause of the accident was another driver’s negligence, it means the collision may have been preventable otherwise.

This, in turn, means that you are eligible to seek financial recovery for your losses by filing a legal claim in civil court. Why should you face the burden of expenses associated with a collision that someone else has caused? State laws exist to hold people accountable for driver negligence.