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Speeding Accidents

Speeding is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Even though it is completely preventable, speeding remains a constant danger to motorists even as other dangerous behaviors like drunk driving and failure to wear a seat belt decline.

Accidents involving high speeds are more likely to cause severe injury, property damage or even wrongful death than lower-speed collisions. This can result in substantial expenses from medical bills, car repairs, lost income or funeral expenses for a lost loved one.

Injured By A Speeding Motorist?

To protect your rights and pursue the maximum possible compensation for these losses, it is important to work with attorneys who can thoroughly understand your claim, the relevant law and every available source of compensation. At Wesley, McGrail & Wesley in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, we are committed advocates for the victims of motor vehicle accidents.

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience helping accident victims like you, and John Wesley is one of very few attorneys to be Board Certified in Civil Trial Law. This indicates significant trial experience, judicial endorsement and ongoing education in the area of civil trial law.

What If You Were Speeding, Too?

Your potential damages in a personal injury claim depend on the percentage of fault assigned to you and the other driver(s) involved. Speeding may increase your percentage of fault, but other drivers are also accountable for their own negligence. Our lawyers can help you determine what caused the car crash, advocate for a fair interpretation of fault and pursue every dollar available to you under the law.

Call For A Free Consultation

After an accident involving speeding, it is important to act quickly to preserve critical evidence, secure appropriate medical care and begin pursuing justice. Please contact Wesley, McGrail & Wesley at 850-244-0999 to arrange a free consultation and learn more about your rights.