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$11,200,000.00 jury verdict -16 year-old girl rendered a quadriplegic as a result of single car accident which struck a utility pole placed too closely to the roadway.

$5,901,000 verdict

$2,576,712.40 total recovery from UM carrier following judge trial

$1,400,000.00 Settlement - Worker rendered quadriplegic after 20’ fall from ladder.

$1,312,700.00 Judge verdict - Fort Walton Beach chiropractor suffered several thoracic spine compression fractures after attic access stairs fell out of newly constructed townhome.

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Misdiagnosis/Failure To Diagnose

We trust doctors to properly diagnose and treat our health problems. When they fail to do their jobs properly, people can lose their lives or suffer life-changing injuries. True medical negligence may be rare, but when it happens, injured people and their families have the right to sue for damages.

If you or a loved one was misdiagnosed in a doctor’s office, an emergency room or elsewhere and a serious injury resulted, talk to a lawyer about your concerns. Our firm’s attorneys can help you understand your legal rights as an injured patient or family member of a patient whose medical condition was wrongly diagnosed or improperly identified.

Holding Negligent Medical Providers Accountable

At the Fort Walton Beach, Florida, law firm of Wesley, McGrail & Wesley, we represent clients who have been victims of medical negligence in and around the Florida Panhandle. We can assist you if your case involves:

  • A radiology, imaging or testing mistake
  • A birth injury that occurred because of improper fetal monitoring or failure to recognize problems with an infant or a mother
  • Hospital negligence related to an illness or injury that was wrongly diagnosed
  • Surgical negligence related to a wrong procedure or failure to identify a problem

Hospital and doctors will usually deny that any wrongdoing occurred, so it is essential to talk to an attorney if you have serious concerns.

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