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Falls Are A Serious Problem For The Elderly

Elderly people sometimes fall because of frailty or problems with balance related to side effects of medication or to other factors. Hips and other bones can break and complications can develop. Many falls can be prevented with proper care.

In some nursing home environments, residents fall and are injured because of the negligence or carelessness of the nursing home and its staff. In most of these preventable falls, a resident is not monitored properly. Particularly when a person is known to be a fall risk, the facility is responsible for keeping that person safe.

Was A Loved One Hurt Because Of A Fall? Talk To An Experienced Attorney.

If you are concerned about a loved one’s fall, talk to the nursing home fall attorneys of Wesley, McGrail & Wesley in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We can help you understand if your case forms the basis of a negligence claim. If we represent you, we will make sure:

  • The fall is investigated thoroughly – our firm is exhaustive in discovering records, notes and witness accounts
  • We obtain any relevant data or reports on other falls attributable to the same nursing home or organization
  • Wrongdoing by the nursing home is brought to light
  • The damages you receive are maximized
  • Your rights are protected throughout the process

Every case is different. It can be frustrating to see a loved one suffer because of improper care. Our firm has a long track record of winning cases against parties whose negligence has caused injury to others.

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