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Denied Disability Benefits?

Finding out your claim for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied can be discouraging and frightening when you are relying on them to make ends meet after a serious injury, illness or disability. At Wesley, McGrail & Wesley, we understand the importance of securing benefits when a disability has left you unable to work. We are dedicated to helping you succeed in the face of a claim denial.

Do not give up if your claim for benefits has been denied in the early stages of the Social Security Disability process. It is very common for valid claims to be denied early on. Now is not the time to apply again or give up on securing benefits; it is time to contact attorney Michael McGrail of Wesley, McGrail & Wesley to schedule a free consultation.

Building Relationships, Strengthening Your Claim

Often, SSDI applications are denied because there is insufficient medical evidence to show impairment to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) standards. Our firm has strong relationships with highly qualified doctors in Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding area. We can help you ensure you get the necessary treatment and documentation to improve your chances of securing disability benefits.

In addition to working closely with medical professionals, our lawyers and staff are familiar with Florida’s administrative law judges and employees at the Social Security Disability office. This allows us to understand the inner workings of the SSA and tailor your application for success.

Call For A Consultation

During your free initial consultation, we will walk you through the claim and appeals process and give you an honest assessment of your claim. We do not string clients along knowing they will not get positive results — we devote our time to helping claimants pursue the benefits they need.

Please call 850-244-0999 to arrange an appointment and begin pursuing your rightful share of Social Security benefits.