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How Much Is My Accident Case Worth?

We hear this question frequently in initial consultations. Understandably, you may be concerned about how much you can recover as you are missing work, struggling to heal and watching medical bills pile up.

There is no simple answer and no perfect formula to determine how much your case may be worth at the beginning. No attorney can give you an exact number because your recovery depends on many variables:

  • The extent of any property damage
  • The severity of your injuries
  • Who was responsible for the accident
  • Whether you had to miss work because of the accident
  • Any future medical bills or lost income
  • Your degree of pain and suffering

During your free initial consultation, either over the phone or at our office in Fort Walton Beach, we can tell you about our results in cases similar to yours. As we build your case, evaluate the evidence and begin negotiating with the insurance company, we can give you an idea of roughly what range your recovery may be in.

No law firm can guarantee results, but we can guarantee that we will pursue every dollar you are entitled to for your personal injury claim.

Defense Attorneys And Insurers Know Us

The insurance company’s willingness to pay plays a substantial role in how much you can expect to get from your accident claim. Our clients benefit tremendously from our reputation as tenacious trial lawyers.

The opposition takes us and, by extension, our clients seriously. They know that we will not hesitate to aggressively try a case — in fact, they have seen us win in court.

Please call 850-244-0999 to contact us for a free initial consultation. We serve clients in Fort Walton Beach and throughout Florida’s Panhandle.