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Hospital Negligence

To some, the hospital may seem like the safest possible place to be. However, negligent hospital administrators and care providers can make serious and possibly deadly mistakes that have a lasting negative impact on a patient’s life.

At Wesley, McGrail & Wesley, we strive to help the victims of hospital negligence recover full and fair compensation under Florida’s medical malpractice laws. We can help you determine who was at fault and what options you have to pursue compensation for your losses. With offices in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, our lawyers represent injured people and those who have lost loved ones in the surrounding communities, including Destin and Crestview.

Who Is Responsible For Hospital Negligence?

The quality of training, supervision and resources provided to doctors can have a significant impact on the care they provide. If a hospital does not provide its employees with the education and support they need to effectively treat their patients, the hospital as an organization may be liable for doctor and nurse error. In addition, the organization may be guilty of corporate negligence for allowing an incompetent doctor to remain on staff.

We have successfully represented people affected by all types of hospital negligence, including:

With our record of success and our close ties to a variety of highly trained medical professionals, we know how to identify negligence, evaluate your injury to determine how much compensation you need, then aggressively pursue your interests in court.

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