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Help After Wage And Hour Violations

Illegal actions by your employer can have a significant impact on the pay you receive for doing your job. Wage and hour violations arise when your employer engages in the following acts:

  • Underpayment for hours worked
  • Refusal to pay overtime
  • Misclassification as an exempt employee

When you want to fight a wage and hour violation, our law firm – Wesley, McGrail & Wesley will advocate for your rights. We handle wage and hour violations in both state and federal court against all sizes of employers.

We serve clients in Okaloosa County, including the communities of Crestview, DeFuniak Springs, Pensacola, Panama City, Navarre, Destin, Tallahassee, Gulf Breeze and Niceville. To schedule a free consultation with a Fort Walton Beach, Florida, attorney, contact our law firm today.

Fair Labor Standards Act Regulations

All employers engaging in interstate commerce are subject to regulation by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The act’s many provisions include standards for a minimum wage, maximum work hours and overtime pay. If you have experienced any of the following examples of federal wage and hour violations, you may have a claim against your employer:

  • Hours cut without notice
  • Exempt classification without exempt status
  • Underpaid overtime wages
  • Hourly pay less than the minimum wage

In addition to the federal law, Florida also has state laws governing wage and hour issues. We will investigate your federal or state wage or hour violation to determine the strength of your employment law case.

Were You Misclassified As Nonexempt?

We commonly see employees who are misclassified as exempt employees. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, an exempt employee does not have a right to overtime pay. The problem is that many employers do not follow the regulations. Employers classify employees as exempt when they should be nonexempt employees eligible for overtime. Unpaid overtime can have a serious impact on the amount of income you should receive.

If you think that you were entitled overtime because you should have been a nonexempt employee, we will help you. Our significant experience, combined with our familiarity of local Fort Walton Beach courts, provides us with the knowledge to prepare a strong case.

Contact us to speak with a local attorney who knows how to fight for your rights. We offer a free initial consultation for wronged employees throughout Okaloosa County. Call 850-244-0999.